Information for incoming and outgoing students

Each year the MEPP programme sends out and takes in students within the framework of the EMPA network. The time spend abroad counts for the duration of study time at home. Upon successful completion of coursework, students receive an original EMPA Certificate, signed by both universities.

incoming EMPA exchange students

Tuition fee, funding and additional requirements

Master students in public administration from an EMPA Consortium university, wishing to spend one or two semesters at KU Leuven, first contact the programme administration or international office at their home university. Genuinely an application procedure is in place. Once the KU Leuven formally agreed to the exchange, students can make further arrangements, contacting the MEPP programme coordinators.

During the exchange a student needs to be officially registered at one of the EMPA partner universities. He/she only pays a tuition fee at the home university. No additional tuition fee at the host institution is required. Nor are there any additional admission requirements upon application (i.e. language and/or grade). We trust upon the EMPA partners as a reference.

It is often possible to apply for a scholarship. For more information, contact the Erasmus coordinator at your own university's international office. Please note it is the student’s responsibility to apply for scholarships on time.


What should exchange students bring with them? 

  1. An identity card or passport

  2. The official forms that prove you are affiliated with a health insurance in your home country and which is valid in Belgium (EHIC: European Health Insurance Card)

  3. Proof that you are registered as a student at your home university

  4. The 'letter of admission'



The KU Leuven has reserved about 400 of its 2000 non-subsidized university residence rooms to house international students taking part in the Erasmus exchange programmes. These rooms are randomly located amongst rooms for Flemish students or other international students and they are spread over 9 residences across the City of Leuven. The offer of rooms in university residences is limited. Practical arrangements (date of arrival, what to do on arrival, checking in etc.) can be made directly with the landlord.

Most exchange students stay in individual rooms with shared facilities in houses on the local private housing market. Depending on the period of your stay and the time of your arrival however, the offer can be limited.

 See the KU Leuven website, for more information on housing.

Housing prices on average:

Single room - €350 a month. Furnished, kitchen and bathroom to share with other students in the house. Blankets, sheets and pillows are usually not provided!

Single room with private confort (i.e. a private toilet or kitchen) - €400 a month. 

Studio - between €450 and €500 a month. Furnished, private kitchen and a bathroom. Blankets, sheets and pillows are not provided! Studios are not available in the university residences.


Studying in Leuven as an EMPA exchange student

Incoming students are welcome in the 1st as well as in the 2nd semester of the academic year. During the 1st semester (4th week of September until February 1st) an incoming student can choose from the following English taught courses:

-    European Union Policy-Making (4 ECTS)
-    Comparative Public Administration in Europe (4 ECTS)
-    Comparative Public Management in Europe (4 ECTS)
-    European Foreign Policy (6 ECTS)
-    Information Management in the Public Sector (6 ECTS)
-    Global Environmental Politics (6 ECTS)
-    Solidarity in European Welfare States: Trends and Challenges (5 ECTS)
- Global Politics and Diplomacy (4 ECTS)

During the 2nd semester (February 1st until June 30th) incoming students can choose from the following English taught courses:

-     Comparative Public Policy in Europe (4 ECTS)
-     Current Issues in European Politics, Policy and Government (4 ECTS)
-     Pressure Groups in the European Union (4 ECTS)
-     Trade Dimensions of EU Policies (6 ECTS) 
-     China and Global Politics (4 ECTS) 

Outgoing empa Exchange students

The EMPA exchange possibility is generally available to all master students in European politics and policies. Students are send out only during the 2nd semester of the academic year.

MEPP-students who wish to spend a semester abroad, first contact their administrative coordinator, Mrs. Sylvia Tutenel ( They submit their application consisting of:

  • The EMPA partner university of choice (+ one alternative or second choice)

  • List of courses they'd wish to take at the host institution (course name, short content, professor, number of ECTS)

  • Motivation letter (a maximum of two pages)

  • CV

The administration for the MEPP programme attends to the first contacts with the university of choice and sends out an exchange request. After a formal agreement from the EMPA partner university, the student is responsible for the further arrangements with the guest university (i.e. stay, housing, curriculum etc.).

It is often possible to apply for a scholarship. For more information, contact Mrs. Bert Claesen ( from our Faculty’s International Office. Please note it is the student’s responsibility to apply for scholarships on time.

The deadline for application is the second Sunday of the academic year (first Sunday of October).