MEPP students have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of living near the heart of Europe.  The programme regularly arranges trips and excursions to local institutions. Moreover, many EU professionals regularly come to talk as part of a lecture series or in some cases they actually teach a course here at KU Leuven. Whether it be a a judge from the European Court of Justice teaching a course, or a former Director General, or even just a guest lecturer visiting for a day. MEPP students gain a great insight into the EU and the individuals that work there, not only inside, but also outside of the classroom.


KU Leuven internal housing service, Kotwijs.

This service helps you find private accommodation in Leuven that is advertised by landlords who use the KU Leuven's rental contracts. 

Financial Aid

MEPP does not grant any scholarships, but a limited number of scholarships are available from other sources, primarily for students from developing countries. Applicants should make inquiries first in their home country.

Living Costs

This gives a rough estimate for how much students can expect to spend on living in Leuven.

We estimate that you will need about €10,000 euros a year for your living expenses (single person).

The breakdown is as follows.

  • Housing (rent & bills)     €3,500
  • Meals     €3,300
  • Medical expenses & insurance     €400
  • Clothing & washing      €600
  • Books & study necessities     €500
  • Other     €1,500
  • Total      €9,800

To acquire insight in what it's like, living in Leuven, apart from the expenses, have a look at the testimony of one of our MEPP alumni.