Klaus Welle Lecture

We were delighted to welcome the Secretary-General of the European Parliament, Mr. Klaus Welle, for an interesting lecture on European identity, its developments and the challenges it is facing today. The lecture was organised as part of a new course called 'Current Issues in European Politics, Policy and Government' where four to six conference panels are organised and practitioners talk about a current issue related to challenges to the European Union. 


Strasbourg trip

Strasbourg is considered as one of the capitals of the European Union (alongside Brussels and Luxembourg) as it is the seat of i.a. the European Parliament and the Council of Europe. During a three-day trip organised for the MEPP- and MAES-students, those European institutions were visited. In the European Parliament, students had the opportunity to talk to the Belgian MEP Mr. Tom Vandenkendelaere. The last day was spent in Luxembourg, with a visit to the Court of Justice to have a talk with the President of the Court of Justice, Mr. Koen Lenaerts. 


Frank Delmartino Thesis Prize 2017

The EMPA consortium annually awards the Frank Delmartino Thesis Prize. The prize is awarded to the best thesis written by a student who went on an EMPA exchange. The winner of the Frank Delmartino Thesis Prize receives a sum of 500 euros and is invited to attend the upcoming EMPA meeting as to present the results of his/her thesis research.

One of two winners for the 2016/17 academic year was MEPP Alumni Kilian De Saeger who went on an EMPA exchange to Sciences Po Paris. We congratulate him on his fantastic dissertation and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours. We also congratulate Nora Wagner from Speyer University on her unique dissertation and wish her the best of luck in her future PhD-career.


Call for application 2018-2019

The Masters Programme in European Politics and Policies (MEPP) is inviting applications for the coming academic year, 2018-2019.

As an EAPAA accredited one-year Advanced Masters Programme, MEPP is interested in attracting outstanding university students with a sound knowledge of the European Union and its institutions, plus who dispose of a profound fascination for policy making, management and administration on the EU-level as well as on the national level in a comparative perspective.

For more information, have a look at our flyer at the bottom of this post.

Application deadlines are:
. the 1st of March for non-EEA students
. the 1st of June for EEA students


Visiting the European Council

On November 7th, a field trip was organized to the heart of Europe, the capital of Belgium: Brussels. The students of the European Policy- and Decision-Making class, taught by Professor Dr. Katja Biedenkopf, visited the European Council, among other EU institutions. There, an            eye-opening presentation was given by an EU-official working on Brexit. 

Groepsfoto 2.jpg

The Resto Tour

On October 5th, the our first extracurricular activity  was organized for the group of international students: The Resto Tour. The evening kicked off with a delicious cocktail in cocktailbar Mattiz, was followed by a lovely dinner in De Blauwe Schuit. For dessert, the students went to Timory, where they could enjoy  homemade ice cream.

Resto Tour 1.jpg