New Member of Staff: Dr Katja Biedenkopf

Why did you pick Leuven?

Leuven is a fantastic town and the KU Leuven provides outstanding facilities for academic researchers as well as students. The quality and enthusiasm of the students is high, which makes it a great pleasure teaching at KU Leuven.

what are your main interests?

I am very much interested in and concerned about environmental issues. For this reason, I am conducting research on EU environmental policy and the EU’s role in global environmental governance. I am also fascinated by EU politics and the inter-institutional dynamics that are at the source of many of the EU policies, which affect all of our daily lives.

what are you currently researching

I am currently working on a set of research projects. One of them investigates how and how effective the European Parliament participates in international climate negotiations. Another project investigates the motivations for non-EU jurisdictions to adopt environmental policies that are inspired by or similar to ambitious EU policies. A third project focuses on an international bottom-up, experimentalist governance scheme that aims at complementing binding international treaties on chemical substances.

What MEPP courses do you teach?

European Policy and Decision-making

What do you like doing in your free time?


What do you enjoy about the MEPP programme/students?

I enjoy the small group size, which enables us to engage in class discussions. Most of my students are very motivated and passionate about different aspects of EU politics. This makes it a great pleasure teaching in the MEPP programme.