Academic Acclaim for Professor Bouwen's 'Resource Exchange Theory'

One of the modules of MEPP is ‘Pressure Groups in the European Union’ taught by EU Commission professional Professor Pieter Bouwen. According to a recent publication on EU pressure group literature, Professor Bouwen’s research on interest groups and the approach he uses in understanding the relationships and the mechanics of EU lobbying, has become the second most cited text on lobbying in the EU. Professor Bouwen’s ‘Resource Exchange Theory’ is regarded as one of the most applicable and relevant theory currently.

Bouwen’s theory that information is the ‘hard currency’ of EU lobbying and his method in determining both lobbying strategies and success has led to a broad consensus in academic literature.  This has significantly contributed to the analysis of interest groups and the involvement with EU institutions. An understanding of the involvement of private interest groups and public bodies with the EU continues to become increasingly pertinent as the EU continues to deepen its integration.