Council of the European Union

On Tuesday 25 November 2014 the MEPP students paid a visit to the Council of the EU. This trip was particularly interesting as it came just a week before the Council simulation game the students would have in the European Policy- and Decision-making course.

The speaker on the day was Mr. Maurizio Di Lullo, an Italian Council Secretariat official who was an expert on climate policies. His experience in the international climate and environmental policy fields made him particularly relevant to ongoing discussions. He explained clearly what was at stake in the current negotiations on these topics. Furthermore, he illustrated the negotiation proceedings and the informal dynamics between the different delegations, at both the UN and EU levels.

The visit to the Council was the last trip MEPP would undertake to a European institution this semester. It gave the students a real insight into the current climate change negotiation process. Many thanks to Mr Di Lullo for sharing his expertise, knowledge and time that day.