Our Mission

" The Master of European Politics and Policies programme combines academic excellence in the comparative study of public sector structures, policy-making and administration within Europe, with a concern for the practical challenges professionals in policy, administrative and consultative functions face at the sub-state, state and EU levels. MEPP has an explicit European and comparative orientation, which includes the study of institutions, decision-making and policies of the European Union on the one hand, and the analysis of convergence and divergence of public sector problems and solutions in European Countries on the other hand. In promoting comparative approaches MEPP not only seeks to strengthen cognitive capacities and analytical skills, but also to foster an open-minded attitude to diversity"

The MEPP programme aims to give an interdisciplinary approach towards governance with and within EU institutions. KU Leuven prides itself on its high academic rigour and reputation. MEPP offers students the opportunity to study at one of Europe's oldest and most well established universities. Currently ranked 5th on the Continent, 12th in Europe and 35th in the World*, Leuven remains at the forefront and centre of European Politics and Policy development. Leuven offers opportunities to engage in European affairs at all levels, which is both promoted and supported by the Department of Social Sciences with regular interaction with developments in Brussels.

MEPP courses are presented both by academics and experienced practitioners. Therefore, I get to know a wide spectrum of views on challenges of European integration
— Sime Zane, MEPP 2014
The reputation of KU Leuven and its proximity to the very core of Europe convinced me that KU Leuven is the “mandatory stopover” to achieve my future goals
— Caterina Cigala, MEPP 2014


The MEPP programme finds its roots in the “European Masters of Public Administration” (EMPA) programme. Initially set up in 1988 by the Public Administration Section of the Political Science Department and developed based on a network of partner universities, it was designed as an exchange programme for Masters in Public Administration.

With the introduction of the Bachelor-Master structure, the programme was renamed into the ‘Master of European Politics and Policies (MEPP)’ under the oversight of the Institute for International and European Policy (IIEP) and the Public Management Institute (IO) at the KU Leuven. In 2013, the Public Management Institute became the Public Governance Institute, providing a broad focus on politics, management, administration and policy. The MEPP programme also utilises its close ties with Leuven International and European Studies Institute (LINES).

In 2005 MEPP was accredited by the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA). In 2013, the programma was re-accredited.